Easter, for someone who dislikes chocolate

For some, Easter Sunday is about the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts and copious amounts of chocolate. Others it’s a religious stepping stone, representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For me, it’s family.

Since starting at University time with my family has reduced a considerable amount, so being able to have a 4 day weekend of bank holidays with my nearest and dearest is lovely. As always, Granny gets all the troops along, her, Grandad, my Great Aunty, Aunty and boyfriend, Aunty, Uncle, 4 cousins and my immediate. But times that number by 4, and that’s how many she cooks for. It would make sense for to me to give up food entirely for Lent and then maybe, for the first time in 19 years, I may be able to finish a ‘Granny’ size plateful.

 Once we’ve eaten she seems to discover tens of bags of treats, just like christmas, and out she pulls every kind of Easter egg you can imagine. But instead of Easter eggs I receive envelopes with a treat inside.. and for a student creeping closer to an overdraft that is absolutely fine for me. Granny means “to spoil” doesn’t it?

If I can get through the doorway after my afternoon at grannies, I’m driving to Essex for the night to go out with my best friend Abi, and a bunch of lovely girls. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy the calories x

egg candles


2 thoughts on “Easter, for someone who dislikes chocolate

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  2. […] Easter, for someone who dislikes chocolate (mylifemybubble.wordpress.com) […]

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