Lilies are everlasting

When you get given a bunch of flowers they often last a few weeks before they start to wither. The most beautiful flower I’ve ever been given lasted for 96 years. She was called Lily Whiting, and she was my Great Granny.

Just like the flower, Lily was beautiful, strong and pure. At a young age she followed her heart and moved to Wales where she met Frank, the love of her life. There she pursued her dreams of teaching and Frank continued to work on the farm. They then married, and had 3 children. Lily was a Mother, a Granny, but unfortunately also became a widow. But she never gave up. The love she had for her family kept her and her heart strong and on August 2nd 1993 became a Great Granny, but to me, my ‘Gar’.


From what my mum tells me, and the tens of photo’s I’ve seen, in my early years she treated me like her own. And as the years went on nothing changed. She always had time for me, was always interested to hear my stories, always listened, and always put everyone else first.

I’ve never felt so much love around me on Valentines day than I did this year. 14th February 2013 was the day of Franks birthday, the day we had to say goodbye but the day two lovers were reunited. Gar was against funerals, she always said she’d “rather celebrate a life than mourn over it”. As a result we arranged a small, beautiful ceremony filled with only family. And just as I thought I had no tears left the vicar says something really special:

“Lily was always so caring, and had a special love for all of her Grandchildren, and loved spending time with them. After Christmas dinner, about 15 years ago, no one could find Lily, or her eldest great grandchild, Zoe. They spend a while searching the house, and the garden, but presumed they must have gone out for a walk. A little while later they saw movement inside Zoe’s new pop up tent she got for christmas and her and Lily were both curled up inside it having an after dinner nap”.

Always loved, never forgotten xxx



6 thoughts on “Lilies are everlasting

  1. littlemsdaydreamer

    I love this post. I’m very close with my grandma too. ❤ You're so lucky to have had such a wonderful grandma. =)

  2. I love this post. My granny died about a month ago. She was such a special person in my life. Those who have wonderful grandmothers are truly blessed.

  3. My Grandma is still alive, but this post definitely reminded me that time is precious. Thanks Zoe.

  4. Lovely! Thank you for sharing your moving personal experience of your loss. And thanks again for finding my pages 🙂 See you again soon. Happy writing!

  5. I loved your writing style! It’s beautiful!

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