Life is a journey, not a destination

“Since the dawn of recorded history, something like 110 billion human beings have been born into this world.  And not a single one of them made it. There are 6.8 billion people on the planet.  Roughly 60 million of them die every year. 60 million people. That comes out to about 160,000 per day. I read this quote once when I was a kid, “We live alone, we die alone.  Everything else is just an illusion. ” It used to keep me up at night. We all die alone. So, why am I supposed to spend my life working, sweating, struggling? For an illusion?  Because no amount of friends, no girl, no assignments about conjugating the pluperfect or determining the square root of the hypotenuse is gonna help me avoid my fate. I have better things to do with my time”

Tie no weights to your ankles, live for yourself. Accept the feeling of not knowing where you’re going, so you’re forced to fly. As when your wings are spread, the wind will take you.

Remember that predators prey on strength and beauty, whilst they hold the weakness that they bring out in you. And whilst you will live for today, they only have yesterday.

Fall in love, for where there is love there is life. For nobody has ever measured how much a heart can hold. But before you love, promise me you’ll love yourself. You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem. 

Maybe for you there’s tomorrow, or ten thousand tomorrows, or even just ten, but for some of us there is today. And the truth is, you just don’t really know.


2 thoughts on “Life is a journey, not a destination

  1. Hi Zoe,

    OK,…..I always do as I’m asked, So I’m now a fan and am following your cool blog!…LOL.
    And this post actually speaks to me, a LOT. It’s what I was actually told this past week. To learn to always live in the moment so you can be present in life. I suffer with a bit of depression and agoraphobia which I share to on my blog, and is my predator to lick.
    Just me inside my home all day everyday is letting life pass me by without me in it. That’s how I feel at times. But,…..I’ll get there! I’m following your Twitter too! I’m @LUV_Recovery & @kitcatlyon
    Just a blog tip, check out my Author Bio at and you can make a beautiful page too free to get more traffic to your blog….It’s a great community!
    Hugs & Blessings,
    Author, Cat Lyon 🙂 🙂

  2. Interesting thoughts. Reminds me of some people who never live their life today; they continuously live in past regrets or worry about future problems while neither is real.

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