There are no shortcuts to any place worth going


Between September 2013 and May 2014 I had no life, but as they say, hard work pays off. Over these 9 months I had to complete my final year project for my Fashion Studies course at The University of Lincoln. The Final Collection was my first opportunity, within my 3 years at University, to design something entirely based on what I wanted to do. I had to complete a collection of 6 outfits inspired by my own concept.

Due to my love of bold prints and colour, I initially wandered towards the idea of a butterfly inspired collection. But as I began to design, I noticed my drawings were drifting away from the delicate; sheer feel of the butterfly wing and more towards a sharp, tailored look. With this in mind, I decided to create a collection focused on the contrasting differences between the aeroplane and the butterfly.

“Soaring: A contrasting collection inspired by the delicacy and detail of the butterfly against the clean, crisp look of the aeroplane.”

So after 9 months, 2 packets of sleepeaze tablets, a whole packet of plasters, numerous tearful phone calls home, 16 reels of thread, 29 metres of fabric and £1,627.94… I’m finished!

I want to thank my parents for the continuous love and support and the financial help, all four grandparents for the encouragement, my boyfriend and housemates for putting up with my 9 month strop, Spoonflower for their quick delivery in emergencies, my 6 models for displaying my work for my final critique, Jess for taking these beautiful photos and Sophie for looking beautiful in the photos.






(Jumpsuit: Silk Linen from Whaleys BradfordPiping: Cotton Silk from Spoonflower, printed with my own design)





(Shorts and Bralet: Couture Dupion Ivory from James HareShirt: Silk Satin from Whaleys Bradford digitally printed at the University of Lincoln with my own design)



(Shorts and Raglan Sleeve Top: Feola Cotton from Whaleys BradfordPrinted Stripes: Kona Cotton from Spoonflower, printed with my own design)





(Trousers and piping on shirtSilk Satin from Whaleys Bradford digitally printed at the University of Lincoln with my own design. Shirt and Stripe on Trousers:  Silk Linen from Whaleys Bradford)





(Pocket DressCouture Dupion Ivory and Silk Organza from James HarePrinted Dress: Modern Jersey from Spoonflower, printed with my own design)





(Panel Dress: Cotton Silk from Spoonflower, printed with my own design. Sheer Panels: Silk Organza from James Hare)







4 thoughts on “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

  1. I thought the pocket dress was great!

  2. I love the Trousers and the Dress especially. Of course they won’t work in a house with animals. At least not with cats. Love the concept. Great Job!

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