Top Ten of Twenty Thirteen

The story of Lofty

When me and Lewis were visiting home from University at the beginning of November, we woke up to find a black cat was hit by a car outside his house and passed away. After asking the houses down their road, we discovered it was stray. Kate and Colin, Lewis’ parents, also informed us that they’d found a dead kitten in their garden the night before, but none of us put two and two together. By the next night, we were back at university, but Kate and Colin heard a very scared little meow whilst they were trying to sleep. After a lot of searching, It turns out the mother cat had somehow got into their loft from the outside and had given birth to two kittens up there. So this little lonely kitten, now named Lofty, had never seen daylight or humans before. Kate and Colin were so caring, and gave him lots of love and food but because they have two golden retrievers and live on a road where quite a few cats have been hit by cars, little lofty now lives at my house, settling in with Bubble, Jimmy and Boots. So we’re all winners, Lofty is now living with three other cats on our farm, and is a very smitten kitten and we now have a fourth cat to add to our cat zoo.


Birthday Bubble

As my previous post has told you all, I love Bubble as much as I love my entire family. I got him when I was 5 and he’s my absolute world. As far as pets can go, I don’t think I will ever have one that means just as much to me as Bubble does. This year he turned 15 and although that’s old, it’s okay because he’s got at least another 15 years in him, he promised me.


Unforgettable Florida

This Summer, in June, I was completely spoilt and taken to Florida with the Everett’s as part of Lewis’ 21st birthday present. We got to swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, go to Disney Land, Universal, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet and Wild, Epcot, Amazing Beaches, Massive Shopping Centres and restaurants which served incredible food (in my sort of portions). I will never, ever forget my time in Florida, and will always be grateful for being taken there, and even more grateful for my boyfriend and his family. I’m a very lucky girl.


Special Sandbanks

 I have been to Sandbanks once a year since birth, with my Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Great Granny, Great Aunty, Brother, Sister and cousins and each year we have the most amazing year. Sandbanks’ is an incredible place to be and has recently been in the news, as explained in my previous post, but to me it’s more about the memories and traditions that my family have there. And our time in Sandbanks, in 2013, was no different.



Second Year grades

Whilst in Sandbanks this year I got my grades for second year, which I was extremely happy about! I worked my absolute bum off last year and am so happy I did because I received a 2:1 and that’s what I had hoped for.


Our special Lily

Valentines day is about the people you love, but unfortunately Janurary 14th in 2013 was the day I had to say goodbye to someone I love dearly. My great granny, Gar, sadly passed away at the end of January last year and valentines day was the day of her funeral. Although it was one of the hardest days of my life, it was one of my most truly memorable moments of the year as it was a day to celebrate her life, to send her off in the way she would want and deserved to be and to show her just how much she meant to us all.


20 years on

As always, I love to celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest, and this year was no different. Some of my friends came from just up the road, and others travelled over 5 hours on a train to be there, and that made me extremely happy. I had an amazing night… Bring on my 21st next year though. Everyone keep August 2nd free 😉


The two L’s

Although me and Lewis spend a lot of time together due to us living in the same student house, we rarely get a moment when it’s just me and him. So London is our little getaway, and this year we’ve been twice and, as always, both times were very special.


Fingers Crossed

Getting an interview at UEA for a PGCE in KS2 primary is definitely one of my highlights of 2013. If I get a place I will start in September, and will be on the road to where I want to spend the rest of my life. My heart has always been in teaching, and I know it’s the career I’m destined to be in. I’m due to hear back from UEA within the next two weeks so fingers crossed!


Together Again

When I was at High School I would see my best friends almost every day, but now being at University I know how much I took that for granted. On Christmas Eve this year me and 5 of my oldest, best friends were reunited after about a year and it was like we were never apart.


I’m grateful for everything 2013 brought to me, and everyone that was a part of it. 2013 was a memorable year for me, and I hope 2014 is just the same! I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!


If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving definitely isn’t for you

Unfortunately for me, 5 of the most important people in my life live on the other side of the world. My Auntie Mary-Anne, Uncle Shaun and cousins, Lachlan, Larly and Ana live in Grafton in New South Wales and I don’t go a day without wishing I could see them. But them living there does give me and my family the perfect excuse to visit Australia.

My last visit was with my family for 5 weeks throughout December 2010 and January 2011. And whilst I was there I decided to do the highest sky dive in Australia, at 14,000ft landing on the beach.

When my Dad first asked me I didn’t really give the idea much thought and accepted the invitation with alacrity. It wasn’t until the phone had been hung up and the date was confirmed that I realised what I’d just put myself in for.

Straight away I open up my laptop and within seconds of hitting ‘search’ Google tells me that around 35 people a year die of parachute fails in America alone. Suddenly my mind starts wandering…

A few sleepless nights later, I’m there, signing forms to say that I wouldn’t sue the company if I were injured and that nobody in my family could sue them if I died.

When I was up in the plane it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Being a very impatient individual the boredom of waiting around till we were high enough to jump was leering, but was quickly interrupted by frissons of thrill, nerves and straight to the point,“am I going to die?”.

As you can imagine looking out of the window to try and distract my thoughts didn’t help either. About 90% of what I could see was the ocean and when you’re hovering about 3 miles above it, aware that within a few minutes you’re going to be free falling towards it, the beautiful, serene and halcyon era that the ocean usually creates doesn’t seem to be there anymore… all I could see were sharks.

Sitting on the edge of the plane I looked down, swallowed hard and thought to myself ‘It must be alright, thousands of people of done it before’, and then… ‘But this time it’s me- that’s the difference!.’ And I’m out…

Freefalling for 60 seconds, relying on some guy you’ve just met an hour ago to pull the parachute and save your life is unexplainable. But one thing I can tell you is that the 60 seconds I spent freefalling from a plane, over the Australian ocean, with a stomach full of butterflies and the idea that the rest of my family were either watching me from the plane or experiencing it too were the 60 best seconds of my life. And unless I got to do it all over again, strapped to Juan Mata, I don’t think I could ever create a minute of my life to come anywhere near.

No matter how grandiloquent I am with my choice of words, the experience of Skydiving really is inexpressible. I feel like I’m trying to paint you a picture of a rainbow with only black and white paint.

So if you’re reading this whilst sitting on the fence about a decision to sky dive, I dare you, you won’t regret it.